About Wish

I am a hip wife and momma of one hubby, two princesses and two doggies.
I enjoy all things girly and fabulous.

I constantly laugh at myself and seriously find myself hecka funny!

I have a keen love for knitting, crafting, and cooking.
My life is filled with makeup and shoes, and handbags, and dresses, and cupcakes, and sparkles, and glitter, and fru fru-ness of all sorts.
I drink hot cocoa every single day!
I work hard every day and enjoy the payment of kisses and hugs when the day is done.
I find joy in friendships and consider myself extremely loyal.
I am extremely social and enjoy the company of others.
Although as social as I may be I enjoy the company of myself and my own thoughts.
I love dance and spent my entire childhood and teenage years dancing.
I’ve traveled extensively dancing.
When I’m in the car alone I sing really loud and pretend I’m on American Idol.
I’ve never tried drugs, or alcohol, and I’ve never smoked a cigarette.
We built a house next to my parents, and we LOVE it.
I enjoy fishing.
I adore traveling.
I hate yogurt!
I love citrus!
I am a self taught photographer.
I want to be a motivational speaker.
I judge clogging competitions and secretly pretend I can still dance like I used too.
I love my parents.
I have great in-laws.
I collect cookbooks.

My favorite color is pink.
I love Toms.
I wear red lipstick ALL THE TIME.
I freak out when I don’t have cell phone service.
I bite my nails.
I don’t like wearing socks.
My little sister is my best friend.
I live next to my parents.
I live in front of my little sister.
I love good smelly stuff.
I am a loyal friend.
I love Jesus.
I love life.
Let’s be friends. 

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