Ashley and Sam Wedding {Provo City Center Temple and Springville Art Museum}

Oh where do I begin with this one?  Ashley has been my muse ever since I started photography.  Every time I needed or wanted to practice I would call this girl up and ask her to pose for me.  She would without fail.  For years I dreamed of the day when I would get to photograph her wedding.  And well it came.  It happened.

Ashley met her beau at BYU in Provo, Utah.  When Ashley told me about him I knew he was something special…because I’m going to be honest…you have to be special to match Ash.  Ashley is amazing in so many ways and I can honestly say she found her match. Sam is totally her equal and it is such a joy to see.

I was able to attend the ceremony in the Provo City, Center Temple.  It was beautiful.  However photography is not allowed inside the temple so I could only photograph it in my mind.  And It will forever be etched in my heart.

On the day they got married it was cold and stormy, however the storm let up just in time for pictures outside the temple.

Ashley chose to break the mold by wearing pants!  IT WAS AMAZING!  Ashley made her wedding ‘attire’ herself and I died.  I loved it so much.  When she told me she was going to wear pants I was like “WHAT?!!!! YESSS!” and I totally love what she created!  It’s beautiful and classy in a modern way.

Ash also broke the mold by having her bridesmaids all wear white.  Typically white is reserved for the bride, but if the bride is wearing pants…the bridesmaids can wear white.

The reception was held at the Springville Art Museum in Springville Utah.  It was totally Sam and Ashley.  Their spread was beautiful.  Filled with meats, cheeses, nuts, fruits and chocolates it was divine.  It was the perfect refreshments to view the art, mingle with friends and just hang out.

During the reception, Ashley’s sister Brooke opened up and announced her mission call.  She has decided to serve a mission for her church and Ashley wanted her to open it at her wedding.  Brooke will serve a mission for 18 months in North Carolina.

The evening was finished with dancing and then Sam carried Ashley to the car as they jetted off to their honeymoon in San Juan.


Ashley and Sam…congratulations.  Ash, I know you will be an amazing wife and one day mom and I know Sam is a lucky fella to have you.  Sam…you’re a lucky fella to have our Ashley and I know she is lucky to have you too.   Take care of each other.


All my love and Best Wishes




Paris is for love {Photography Workshop} Paris, France

In August I had the awesome experience to travel back to Paris, France to teach my second international workshop!  It was amazing!  I teach my international workshops with my dear friend Amy Cloud of Amy Cloud Photography.  Our workshop series is called Partyography Workshops.   We named it Partyography because we believe that ever moment of life should be a party.  We believe that women need to come together to learn and have fun together.  We share our joys with one another and we celebrate all the many awesome milestones that comes when one of our attendees reach another business and professional goal!  To put it lightly…we have a blast!  Our Paris workshop is always filled with awesome ladies, awesome locations, beautiful models, tons of learning…and really good food…(I mean we are in Paris!)


When we were looking for models for our workshop we found this gorgeous girl Ophelie’.  After talking with her we booked her for our workshop.  A few weeks prior to our workshop she told us she had a serious boyfriend…and he models too…so it wasn’t too hard to get him on board to model for us as well.

They were so adorable with their little French accents and sweetness!


I want to thank Gateway Bridal and Prom in Salt Lake City, Utah for sending us with this beautiful navy blue gown.  It was a dream!



8 is Great! Allyvia Baptism Session {Salt Lake Temple}

In the LDS (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints…aka Mormon) faith children don’t get baptized till the age of 8.  It’s a big deal for these little people because they are making the decision themselves.  So it was great to be able to photograph Allyvia, as she awaits her baptism this coming weekend.

When her mom came into the studio to proof her session, she had the hardest time selection which images she wanted….we both loved them all so much.

But in the end she narrowed down her digital selections…and here they are.


Congrats Allyvia!


Miss Utah’s Outstanding Teen {Addie Brotherson} Utah Portrait Photographer

I have a really cool job, I am on the board of directors for the Miss Utah’s Outstanding Teen Pageant.  It is such a great job and such a rewarding experience to work with some remarkable young women.  I can’t say enough amazing things about this organization.  I love being involved because it allows me to do something I love that is not photography.  I get to basically plan all the parties! It’s the best!

However this year the pageant was in need of a photographer at the last minute to do the official headshot. So I was asked.  Of course playing dress up is my favorite, so how could I not say yes.


So let me officially introduce you to Addie Brotherson, the most awesome 2017 Miss Utah’s Outstanding Teen.





Mr. Emmitt {Newborn} Utah Natural Light Studio Photographer

Oh my goodness….Mr. Emmitt had me swooning.  He is the new son of my good friend Celeste.  Celeste and I were cheerleaders together in Junior High School…and we sure did rock our pompoms!

Celeste is also the coach of my girls in Dance, and when she asked me to photograph her son when she found out she was pregnant I was scared.  I mean…I’m a good photographer, but I don’t photograph too many babies.  So I spent the next 8 months preparing to photograph him.  I took courses and did all my research so the session would go perfectly..and it did.  I must say that education is key!


Although it was a warm day in Utah and I have ginormous windows in my natural light studio my studio was still a little chilly that morning.  SO I cranked up the heat in my studio…I mean…I was pitting out…(if you know what I mean).  I turned on some fetal sounds on the sound system and it was the most soothing environment for baby.


The session was perfect….and so was Emmitt!