The “W” Family {Utah Family Portrait Photographer}

I love this family session because it captures so many aspects.  It captures these two beautiful parents and how in love they are with each other and how in love they are with their son.  I love the interaction I was able to capture during this session.

Enjoy some of my favorite images of this portrait session.



Amber and Lyle {Utah Portrait Photographer}

Well this isn’t really an engagement session as it’s listed under but it is an awesome session that could easily be an engagement session.  When I did this shoot Amber and Lyle had only been married about a month.  I had went to this location with Amber about 2 weeks prior and I said to her, “Oh I would die if I could photograph someone in this water” and she said “Me and Lyle will.”  This shoot could be my favorite shoot of all time.

I hope you enjoy it.


February 21, 2014 - 3:51 pm

Kasandra Mathieson - What an amazing session! Totally made me think of Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice….the rest of the story if Elizabeth had joined him! You must have had so much fun doing this……

Gillian and Bryson {Utah Engagement Photographer}

After Gillian saw her roommate Taryn’s engagement images I did she contacted me to do her engagement session.  She had already booked her wedding photographer but she said she wish she hadn’t and would have found me sooner. (that’s flattering…oh man I love these girls!)  So as I started to talk to her I got to learn that they loved fairs and carnivals.  With the Utah State Fair coming up I suggested a session at the fair.  She loved the idea.

So we met at the fair for their engagement session.  They were so much fun!  Bryson had never had a carmel apple so we made sure to do that!

It was one of the funnest engagement sessions I have ever done!

The weather was spectacular that day because it had just rained.  So the colors were vibrant and the sky had fabulous clouds and the sun gave us the perfect peeks through the clouds.  Moments the session would be sun soaked and others it would be moody and dark.  I mean it was a lighting dream if you like that kind of stuff.   Oh and the session…like I said Bryson had his first carmel apple….but more than that…they played games, ate cotton candy, went down the big yellow slide and even did a popcorn catching contest between the two of them.  It was a fantastic session at the Utah State Fair.

Gotta love engagement sessions….gotta love Utah Weddings…gotta love Utah Couples….gotta love Utah.

OH GEEZE I just love being a photographer in Utah and everywhere else I find adorable people.


Thanks so much for the fun time!



Taryn and Nick {Utah Engagement Photographer}

When Taryn emailed me about being her photographer I was so sad because she seemed so awesome and that we would get along so well, but I was going to be out of town for their wedding 🙁  BOOOOO HOOOOOO.  But then she emailed me back saying that she really wanted me as their photographer so they changed their date! WHAT?! So flattered!

When I first met Taryn was moments before their engagement session and she gave me the most fabulous hug.  I knew I was going to be friends with this girl forever! And it’s true we are still friends!

Taryn and Nick are adorable together.  So sweet!  I love their style and they have so much fun.
Taryn is a theatre major at BYU and has the most amazing voice….It was fun to listen to her sing.

They were so awesome on their engagement session.  Everything I asked them to do..they did!

I love these two!



Miss Ashley {Utah Senior Portrait Photographer}

I owe Ashley so much!  She came to me years ago when she knew I was wanting to do photography but hadn’t yet broken into it and said “Hey would take some pictures of me?” So we did.  We went out and did a horribly out of focus session.  It was so bad.  The wind was blowing and I didn’t know what I was doing at all.  But she was so great and let me practice.  A month later she called me again and said “My best friend is moving to Texas will you do some pictures of us”  So I did.  This time it was much better, but still bad…slightly out of focus and horribly over edited.  Then I would call her. “Hey Ash, I want to practice will you come over?” …. “Hey Ash, I have this idea will you mind if I practice on you?”  “Hey Ash…can I take some pictures of you tonight?”  I swear I practiced on this girl every week.  And she was so great about it.  Through it all she was never negative and always encouraging me.

It is partly because of her that I owe my success!

When it comes to Ashley I think she was born in the wrong decade.  She is so wise and so kind, she has an old fashioned soul.  You can see her love of God in everything she does and she is the definition of the word integrity.

Ash is one of my best friends even though she doesn’t really know it.

I am so proud of all her many accomplishments!


All my love Ash!