Tyler and T’Ann {Utah Engagement Photographer}

These two make me so happy! They are so in love and so cute together.  The way Tyler looks at T’Ann is the way thatI could only imagine Romeo looked at Juliet…with un-dying love.

Tyler and I went to Junior and High School together and we remained friends ever since.

Since then I have gotten to know T’Ann and T’Ann now is the makeup artist for many of my photo sessions.

Enjoy a peek at their session.



Miss T’Ann {Utah Portrait Photographer}

I simply adore this lady! T’Ann is so lovely and full of joy and life.  T’Ann and I know each other through her husband.  I went to school with her hubby and have known him for years.  Through him we got to know each other.

She is a fabulous makeup artist and as a matter of fact she is the makeup artist who did all the makeup for my 2013 Wish Retreat and will be doing my 2014 Wish Retreat makeup as well.

I am so grateful for wonderful friends who trust me enough to have me photograph them.

I love my job and it’s people like T’Ann that make it even more wonderful.

Maui Wowie {Utah Portrait Photographer}

Maui was marvelous!

I could seriously end this blog post there….but I won’t.

So my husband graduated with his business degree and so I decided to treat his hard work and our family’s sacrifice with a trip to Maui.

It was a week of bliss to say the least.  While there I had the chance to do some commercial work and a few sessions. (Heck business write offs right?!)

When we go to Maui we stay in a beautiful private condo on the beach in Makena…..I can’t wait to get back there this October!





Andrea and Trevor {Utah Engagement Portrait Photographer}

So one day I was hanging out and I got a phone call from a lady who introduced herself as an Aunt whose niece was getting married.  She explained that they already had a photographer but she wanted to hire me to do some engagement images of them that she could use to decorate the bridal shower she was throwing with.  I thought “what a clever idea”.

She needed the images really quick so it was a really fast session for me to do and turn around and edit.  As a matter a fact I photographed this session 1 day before I left for Maui.  I edited the session on the airplane and downloaded it and sent it to them while I was sitting on the balcony watching the sunset on Maui.  It was so fast but I don’t regret it.

Andrea and Trevor are a darling couple and I wish them all the best in the world.


Little Miss Elle…again {Utah Childrens Photographer}

Sorry but no sorry that I post a lot of images of my children..but heck when I have nothing else to shoot and I want to try something new or just keep up on my skills I photograph my kids.  Elle is always willing to let me photograph her even if she isn’t too happy about it.

Here’s a peek at a small shoot I did with her in my back yard.