Andrea and Trevor {Utah Engagement Portrait Photographer}

So one day I was hanging out and I got a phone call from a lady who introduced herself as an Aunt whose niece was getting married.  She explained that they already had a photographer but she wanted to hire me to do some engagement images of them that she could use to decorate the bridal shower she was throwing with.  I thought “what a clever idea”.

She needed the images really quick so it was a really fast session for me to do and turn around and edit.  As a matter a fact I photographed this session 1 day before I left for Maui.  I edited the session on the airplane and downloaded it and sent it to them while I was sitting on the balcony watching the sunset on Maui.  It was so fast but I don’t regret it.

Andrea and Trevor are a darling couple and I wish them all the best in the world.


Little Miss Elle…again {Utah Childrens Photographer}

Sorry but no sorry that I post a lot of images of my children..but heck when I have nothing else to shoot and I want to try something new or just keep up on my skills I photograph my kids.  Elle is always willing to let me photograph her even if she isn’t too happy about it.

Here’s a peek at a small shoot I did with her in my back yard.

Kylee and Zac Wedding {Utah Wedding Portrait Photographer}

Well it came and went Kylee and Zac’s wedding and it was so perfect and beautiful and I felt so honored to be their photographer.

It was a beautiful day as their were married in the Salt Lake LDS Temple and then had their reception at Noahs.

Congratulations on your beautiful day!

Enjoy a peek at their most special day.