Utah Fashion Photography and Paris (The Louvre, Take 2)

One of my favorite places in Paris is The Louvre.  Not only is it filled with beautiful world renowned works of art…but the outside is brilliantly gorgeous.  The architecture is beyond beautiful!  So on our first day of shooting for our Partyography Workshops we decided to shoot at the Louvre.  It just made my heart so happy!

Although shooting at a world famous tourist attraction might possibly be the hardest thing in the world, we did it…and our images are freaking awesome!

When I say I can’t wait to get back there….I mean it.  With everything I have, I just want to be back there.  Possibly even live there…but then again my heart is here in Utah…but Paris…you have my soul!


Gown by Lauren Whittier of ThreeTwoSevenSix


A Utah Photographer in Paris….{Sporting some Shabby Apple}

So many Paris Posts, but let me tell you what, Paris was amazing!  And I still think about it every single day. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! All day long! NO LIE!

It was amazing!  In 1999 I was able to go to Versailles and I couldn’t wait to get back there.  When I went in 1999 I didn’t really savor everything that Versailles had to offer….and I still feel that I didn’t get to enjoy it to it’s fullest!  So next time I’m in Paris Versailles may get 2 days instead of 1.  BUT IT WAS AMAZING!

Rachel and Candace sported some Shabby Apple wonders that day!  They looked gorgeous.   It was hilarious though because as we were in the Palace this swarm of Japanese men started surrounding Rachel like she was part of the Versailles Attraction.  Then in the Chateau a cute older gentleman took pictures of Candace for his screensaver.   Awesomeness at it’s finest!


It was a beautiful day and I can’t wait to get back.  {I may or may not have alerts on my phone for flights from Salt Lake to Paris….he he he}

Utah Children Photographer {Something Whimsical}

I adore my Miss Elle.  She just started the 6th grade today; and let me tell you what…I am super sad.  I should not have a sixth grader…but alas I do.

So the other day I needed to get out and shoot something (that sounds so violent) so I asked…no I didn’t ask, I told my Elle we were going to do a photoshoot.  It was super fast and super impromptu.  We drove over to some property my dad owns here in Salt lake County and did a little shoot.  She was such a trooper.  Where we are at in Salt Lake, is super buggy so she was swatting bugs left and right.   I have so many more images I want to share, but I just needed to post a few while I was still adoring them.

I think one of these is going to be made into a beautiful custom canvas and hung on her wall in her room.  Nothing I love more when it comes to prints than beautiful canvas’ and these will be stunning!

So enjoy!




October 21, 2015 - 8:36 pm

Sophie Choate - May I ask where you got that dress and headband from? They are absolutely stunning!!

Oh Paris…..my love! {Utah Photographer in Paris…being a Parisian Photographer}

Paris was freaking AMAZING! No lie!  The workshop that we taught in Paris was freaking AMAZING!  I can’t imagine anything better than teaching Photographers, what I love in one of the most magical places in the entire world.  We traveled from Salt Lake City, to Paris France in May.  We arrived 5 days before our workshop was to begin and we were able to do a little scouting for locations for our workshop and taking advantage of all the lovely things Paris has to offer.


We were so blessed with Shabby Apple Clothing to send us with some gorgeous clothing to photograph while we meandered in Paris.   On our first full day in Paris we had breakfast at a little cafe just under our apartment then we visited the Louvre, Notre Dame and walked a bazillions of miles…or so it seemed.  Once we finally figured out how to use the metro our lives changed…….. Our cute little Paris Apartment was right off one of the metro lines and it was so easy to get in and out of the city.  We pursued flower markets and found the worlds most delish french macarons I can’t wait to get back…….and spend more time exploring the Parisian lifestyle.


Oh Paris….I left part of my heart with you….I’ll be back!

Utah Children Photographer {Wildflowers and Mountains}

Utah summers are simply beautiful…although in the city they can be really hot.  But the good thing about living in the Salt Lake City Valley is that it’s not a far drive to go up to the mountains…for a little clean air and cooler temperatures.  So one day this summer I took my girls for a drive to find some new locations for photoshoots.  Being that I had my camera on hand (of course I did) (and if I’m really honest……I made my girls wear cute outfits that day…incase I happened to need them for models) I pulled over on a mountain road and took some snazzy and beautiful shots of my two littles!

I have so many images to share with you; but I had to blog a few of them.  Because let’s be honest…they are just so beautiful (my girls……that is…and my photography isn’t that shabby either ….wink)