Wish Retreat Registration

Wish Retreat Registration

About Wish Retreat:

When I first started Wish Retreat in 2011, I knew that I wanted a workshop that focused on women. I believed in the possibility of uniting women in one cause and one shared passion.

I knew that in order to share the bond of womanhood, Wish Retreat could not be an ordinary workshop, it had to be extraordinary! Over the years I believe I have built the best photography retreat for women.

Wish Retreat is a place that you come to not only learn, but unite. You become each others cheerleaders and champions. You leave with an army of people behind you and you know that with them as your people, you can do anything.

Wish Retreat Begins before you even arrive in Salt Lake City.
In October and after 50% of your tuition has been paid you will be enrolled in the Wish Retreat Online Classroom. Why? Because June 2019 is a long way away and you're ready to learn ASAP, Right? RIGHT!
I want you to become successful as soon as you can, the online classroom will contain classes on a variety of topics and skill levels. For those of you just starting your photography journey there will be classes on how to use your camera and how to master shooting in manual. There will be classes on shooting in various lighting situations as well as classes on how to pose your clients. you will have classes on a variety of Photoshop techniques from beginning to advanced. There will be classes on how to boost your business using social media, how to find your ideal client, how to brand yourself using your most valuable assets, you!. You will be able to take classes on marketing, pricing and so much more. Basically the classes available to you before Wish Retreat will give you the boost to increase your income, improve the quality of your work and discover what your purpose is.

Since all of the "work" will be taught before you arrive you will then enter Wish Retreat and be able to get creative. The hands on photoshoots will allow you to work in small groups and will give you the ability to interact with, pose and photograph beautifully styled sessions. A variety of styles will be provided for you. You will have an opportunity to photograph brides, couples, children, high school seniors and dancers. If brides and couples are your thing and your area of focus, you can opt to only photograph what you desire to target. This workshop is made for YOU!

You will have to opportunity to learn how I style my sessions without using hair and makeup artists. You will learn basic tricks that you can use with your clients, so you don't always have to have a "team".

We edit together, we laugh together, and in the end we leave better than before.

So what's included:

3 Nights Lodging, In a beautiful private estate in Salt Lake City, Utah
All Meals at Retreat
3 Breakfasts
2 Lunches
3 Dinners
Boat loads of snacks! SO MUCH YUMMY!
Online classroom for pre-workshop education.
Hands on learning at Wish Retreat
2 Styled Children's Sessions
2 Styled High School Sessions
2 Styled Brides or Bride and Groom Sessions
2 Styled Dancers
2 Styled Couples (engagement)
Private Facebook Group
So Much SWAG!
Massive Amounts of Fun!

Transportation to and from retreat.
Transportation during retreat (We carpool to sessions, it is suggested you split a rental car with other attendees)
Personal equipment (Camera, lenses, computer, etc.)
Fun Haters.