Wish Mentoring

Wish Mentoring

When I first started photography, I was bad. Just like "eh that is out of focus" bad, but like bad bad bad. And the sad truth was, I knew it. The thing that I had going for me is that I had a creative eye. But the technical skills, I knew nothing.

But I wanted to be a photographer so bad, because I just loved the art of it. But again...bad skills, bad technique, bad bad. So I decided to learn. Each day I would learn something new. But here is where the tide changes, I knew in order for me to really learn, I needed to help others learn to. So I blogged. I would learn something new and I would blog about it. I would share what I was learning. And I started getting a following. New photographers would reach out to me and ask me what I was doing. I would show them. It wasn't too long after that, that I held my first workshop for beginner photographers. It was Wish Retreat. It was a blast and I knew that I needed to help other photographers.
So now, I do this by teaching and mentoring photographers. I have mentored and helped thousands of photographers all over the world. And I will tell you what, my life has changed by changing theirs.

So I continue to offer my mentoring to new photographers and seasoned photographers. I have photographed over 200 weddings, 10,000 dancers and too many high school seniors to even keep track of. My families come back to me year after year, and I am so happy to have made my clients my friends. And I am excited to help you grow your craft and business.

So why mentor with me? Well there is no better way to really learn than to learn from someone you like and admire...and hopefully I'm that person for you. My mentoring sessions aren't just for a day but for a lifetime. Once you're my mentee, I'm your mentor. Monthly follow up calls, branding helps, tips and tricks as you need them. Editing advice and instruction. Camera skills, basics....and lets not forget how to build your business for you in your market.

Your mentoring will be focused on what you need at that time and then we grow together. If you can dream it we create it together.

If you're in Utah or choose a Utah Mentoring session, this just means that our hands on 2 day experience together will take place in Utah.
If you're out of Utah this means our 2 day hands on experience together will take place where you're at or the location we decide on.
After (and before) our one on one time together you will continue to get mentored by me. It doesn't end after we conclude our physical time together.
I can't wait to meet you!

What is NOT included:
Travel is not included in the cost of the mentoring. If you are selected an out of Utah mentoring,
Wish Photography/Kandis Broadhead's travel is covered.