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8 is Great! Allyvia Baptism Session {Salt Lake Temple}

In the LDS (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints…aka Mormon) faith children don’t get baptizedView full post »

Miss Utah’s Outstanding Teen {Addie Brotherson} Utah Portrait Photographer

I have a really cool job, I am on the board of directors for the Miss Utah’s Outstanding Teen Pageant.  It isView full post »

Courtney and Zach {Autumn Engagement Session} Utah Photographer

Oh my goodness…Zach and Courtney are seriously the cutest ever!   Well first they are a freaking gorgeous coupleView full post »

Nicole Senior Portraits {Cyprus High School} Utah High School Senior Photographer

Nicole was so much fun to photograph.  Her vibrant red hair is killer and such an amazing personality.  She is soView full post »

Studio Tour {Salt Lake City, Utah Photographer}

When we built my studio a few years ago I knew the feel that I wanted it to have when you walked in.  I wanted it to beView full post »

Sneak Peek Miss Amy and Miss Novalee {Utah Adoption Photography}

I just can’t wait to give you all a little sneak peek at this gorgeous session.  My dear friend Amy and her sweetView full post »

Sneak Peek. Miss Skyler…..Soon to be Mrs. {Utah Wedding Photographer}

I seriously can’t contain this session…it’s killing me.  Skyler is such a babe and I’m soView full post »

Utah Photographer in Paris {At the Louvre Take 2}

Did you just not love that last shoot I showed you that I did at the Louvre in Paris?! Wasn’t it gorgeous?! IView full post »

Utah Fashion Photography and Paris (The Louvre, Take 2)

One of my favorite places in Paris is The Louvre.  Not only is it filled with beautiful world renowned works of art&#View full post »

A Utah Photographer in Paris….{Sporting some Shabby Apple}

So many Paris Posts, but let me tell you what, Paris was amazing!  And I still think about it every single day. EVERY.View full post »

Oh Paris… love! {Utah Photographer in Paris…being a Parisian Photographer}

Paris was freaking AMAZING! No lie!  The workshop that we taught in Paris was freaking AMAZING!  I can’t imagineView full post »


A few months ago I was asked to write a three part series on Infusing Fashion into Portrait Photography for I Heat FacesView full post »

Blog Feature

On mornings when I wake up to see my work featured on blogs is like Christmas morning.  Being recognized by otherView full post »


Another one of my images was featured on .  It’s the last image of Gillian and Bryson holding theView full post »

Blog Feature

A while back I was asked to write an article for I Heart Faces.  I was super excited.  My article for photographersView full post »