Oh my gosh! I bet you’re like me and find yourself every few months unmotivated and in a slump! When I find myself slipping into those unmotivated moments I try SUPER hard to get out. Nothing frustrates me more than being unmotivated, so I have 3 great ways to help you get your mojo back.


Simple. right?

Okay we’re done! HA HA HA Just kidding. No but really decide to start! Nothing will get done if you keep sitting there. If you want to do something…DO IT! Imagine if you’re like “I need to go to the store and get some milk.” So you walk to your car, you get in, you put the keys in the ignition and then you sit there. You don’t turn the car on. You don’t move. You sit there. But you know you need to go get the milk. But you have to freaking START THE CAR! You have to start the journey! Decide that you are going to start! JUST DO IT! Are you unmotivated to answer emails? Well you will never answer those emails if you don’t start! You don’t have to start this very day, but decide you are going to. Mark it on your calendar…start tomorrow…start next week. BUT DECIDE you’re going to do it. Pick a day and stick with it!


2. Why Does it Matter?

To be motivated we need a reason to get motivated. So you need to determine why it matters. Maybe you need to find motivation to be able to provide for your family. Maybe you need the motivation to lose weight and your why is because you need to get healthy or you need to fit into that class reunion dress. Determine why it matters that you get motivated and WHY you need to get your butt moving. One question I want you to answer is “How will I feel when I have completed the task?” This is a huge motivator! Once you have determined how you will feel…START GETTING EXCITED about the reward. Start visualizing how that reward will feel or look like. What will you do when that reward comes to you? Nothing more motivating than rewards!

3. Put Together A Plan.

So you decided to start, you’ve determined why it matters and what is your reward…but how are you going to get there? You need to develop a plan. I want you to take 5 minutes and sketch out a plan on how you are going to get started, and what your reward will be. As time moves on your plan should get more descriptive and even lengthy. Your plan doesn’t have to be a set in stone plan…things can change as you continue forward.

SO are you ready?! I am! So get cracking…go find your MOJO!