Miss Sawyer {Utah Child Photographer}

Okay, how freaking adorable is this 2 year old?  I’m going to be honest with you two year olds can be a challenge to photograph but as of late I have discovered exactly how to capture them perfectly.   I always get a little worried scheduling such young children in early spring because the weather can be unpredictable.   However the weather had been beautiful in Salt Lake City lately and so we had a perfect session.

Sawyer seems to be such a happy child, and her laughter had me swooning!   Just check out the pictures of her belly laughing!    And can we just talk for a second about her sweet dress?   Isn’t it so precious?  Another perfect Bentley and Lace!


This session was edited using my Wish Kaleidoscope Photoshop action set.  It helped me perfectly edit this whimsical session.

Photographed with Canon 5D Mark IV and 70-200mm 2.8 II IS



Miss Reese {Utah Children Photographer}

The dress lives on……I’ll tell you what the Bentley and Lace  carousal dress was so popular and every single girl felt like a princess in it.

It was so fun photographing Reese.  She was so shy and quite with me and I kept saying to her momma “is she always shy?”.  Her mom gave me a shake of the head and said “I think she’s just excited so she’s quite.”

I loved that…EXCITED!   I love when they are so excited they don’t know what to do.  Some girls get giddy, some are chatty and some are quite.  That is the beauty of it all…each girl is unique; even when they are photographed in the same dress.

On the day of Reese’s session the weather in Salt Lake was amazing….the light was beautiful and I was praising my sweet Utah.

Reese had never had professional portraits before and she KILLED IT!

I told her “girl…you should model!”

We had such a great time together.


Once again I had to edit this session with my Wish Kaleidoscope Photoshop action set…because it just provides every thing I need!

I photographed this session with the Canon 5D Mark IV and Canon 70-200mm 2.8 II IS



Miss Lilly {Utah Children Photographer}

Let me tell you what the Bentley and Lace  carousal dress was a huge hit while I had it here in Utah.  I had so many momma’s calling me, emailing me, texting me….simply dying to have their daughters photographed in it.  So how could grant those wishes?!

Every single girl that put on that dress said “I feel like a princess.”  And then they saw the horse and was like “A HORSE! Can I sit on it?” Of course you can girlfriend.

I have photographed Lilly a few times before and every time I am so in love with her adorable face and her amazing hair.  I am mad about little afros….and she has a killer one!

We had such a good time together.  The weather in Salt Lake was perfect and so was Miss Lilly!


A session this pretty had to be edited with equally pretty techniques.  With the help of my Photoshop action set Wish Kaleidoscope I was able to create the most lovely finished product.


Photographed with Canon 5D Mark IV and Canon 70-200 2.8 II IS




Miss Alexus {Utah Children Photographer}

I have had such a great honor to be able to photograph so many beautiful children in the last few months and it has truly solidified my desire to make ALL children feel beautiful.

Alexus came to me for a mini session and she was styled in such an pretty, whimsical and girly Bentley and Lace  dress.

So I had this carousal horse in my studio for years and had never really done anything with it; and when this dress was sent to me I was like…HECK YES!!   So I hauled this cute horse out into a field near my home in Magna, Utah and placed this beautiful gal in it…and ta da…beautiful!

I then knew when I edited the session it needed just as much whimsy as the dress and the horse provided.  I used some of my Photoshop actions from my Wish Kaleidoscope set to provide it with all the gorgeousness it deserved.



The Hill Family {Utah Lifestyle Photographer}

I was over the moon excited when the Hill Family invited me into their new, forever dream home to photograph their Saturday morning.  They had been building their dream home just outside of Salt Lake City for about a year.   Every detail of their home was hand picked and thoughtfully provoked.  I was impressed with all the little details.   Utah is the Beehive state and they paid homage to it with honeycomb patterns in the title work.  As someone who loves her home state of Utah, it made this gal’s heart happy.

When I was speaking with Heather about photographing them in their new place one of the things she mentioned is how they often bake cookies on Saturday mornings, play a rousing board game together and how much the kids adore their rooms and play area.   I was like….”sweet; I’ll just capture you doing your thing.”


I enjoyed my morning with The Hill Family as I had the opportunity to photograph some memories for them.