Studio Tour {Salt Lake City, Utah Photographer}

When we built my studio a few years ago I knew the feel that I wanted it to have when you walked in.  I wanted it to be very light, airy and whimsical.  I wanted it to have that beautiful shabby charm, but not obsessive.  I wanted to display my work and captivate my clients when they walked it.

So enjoy this tour of my studio….I hope you love it as much as I do.

February 11, 2016 - 8:51 pm

Sophie - This is my dream! 🙂 Your studio is gorgeous. I’m sooo jealous.

Bountiful, Utah Wedding. (Skyler and Ricky)

Skyler and Ricky had such a beautiful day.  It was filled with a lot of memories and sentiments.   Both of Ricky’s parents had passed away and so had Skyler’s dad.  There were a lot of little tokens of their memories throughout their day.  I couldn’t help but get emotional.

Skyler sewed a heart made out of her daddy’s blue shirt on the inside of her dress as her something blue.  Around her bouquet she tied two little pictures of her and her dad.  Her brother walked her down the isle and he danced the daddy daughter dance with her.  While they danced a video played of images of Skyler and her dad.  It was as if she was dancing with her daddy.  Not a dry eye in the place.  It was magical.


Beautiful day, for a beautiful couple.




Saint George and Salt Lake City Wedding. {Jordan and Holly}

Holly and Jordan had a beautiful ceremony at the St. George Temple in St. George Utah.  Their special day was filled with so much love and light.   They are such a beautiful and fun couple.  They adore each other so much!

After their wedding they went on a week honeymoon to Hawaii where they basked in the sun and enjoyed their first week together as a married couple.  The following Saturday they had a reception at Heritage Gardens in Salt Lake City, Utah.   Prior to their reception they held a small ring ceremony for those family members that could not join them in the temple the week prior.


One of my favorite parts of their reception was that they had board games for their guests to play.  When I told them what a cute idea I thought it was, they told me….”It’s because we love playing games and we wanted to give our guests something to do that we love to do.”  It was seriously so fun to watch families playing rousing games of Clue, Life, Monopoly and so many more.


I wish Jordan and Holly all the happiness in the world.   I adore the heck out of you!!!



Utah Children and Family Photographer {The Maughan Children}

Photographing these three siblings was so adorable.  The two older children are so adorable with their baby sister.  They were so sweet and tender with her that it just was a joy to watch.  Especially because the day of the shoot it was so windy in Salt Lake City and although it was 49 degrees the wind chill made it feel like -10 degrees.  It was so cold.   But even though it was cold, Utah is always so gorgeous.  The evergreens and the snow just makes for such lovely scenery.  GOSH I adore this state!

Enjoy this beautiful sibling photo-shoot with the beautiful Maughan Children.